1 Pocket "Unisex T1D PumpPocket Racerback Tank" Insulin Pump TechTank
1 Pocket "Unisex T1D PumpPocket Racerback Tank" Insulin Pump TechTank

1 Pocket "Unisex T1D PumpPocket Racerback Tank" Insulin Pump TechTank

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We are LOVING this versatile Insulin Pump Tank. Your little T1D will be able to play, run, and jump and forget for a moment about their insulin pump. That's what this insulin pump tank top can do for you and your family. It will fit great under their normal clothes and their tubing will be contained inside the pump pocket. Don't worry about them pulling out a new site or dropping their expensive insulin pump-- our pocket will take care of it. And when you finally get them to sleep for the night, tuck them in, in an insulin pump TechTank so you don't have to worry about them getting tangled up in tubing throughout the night. 

Daily management of Type 1 Diabetes is a relentless job. We know you are exhasuted and worried most of the time. We want to make your daily routine with diabetes easier. We want to answer the question of where to put their pump. We want to make it possible for them to hang on the monkey bars and play. We want you to worry less about their insulin pump and have more time for their care.  We hope you totally fall in love with a new way to help manage Type 1 diabetes. 

Sizing: This racer will fit US youth sizes 4-7.

This item has ONE pump pocket and is a special edition for a limited time-- grab them while they are in stock. 

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Disclaimer - We appreciate your patronage. While we produce a high quality, excellent product, we do not accept any liability in association with the loss or damage of one’s medical device. We also do not accept any liability associated with injury related to dropping one’s insulin pump or pulling out one’s infusion site. Please consult your doctor when making any changes in your medical care. Your purchase represents your understanding of this disclaimer and releases Pocket Innerwear, INC. of all liability. Thank you.