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We do not have a cure. But in the mean time, we are devoted to making life with Type 1 Diabetes easier to manage.

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  • Sending your child to school without having to worry about their insulin pump.
  • Tucking them into bed each night knowing they wont get tangled in tubing.
  • Signing them up for soccer and knowing they can keep their receiver and pump on them without dropping or jostling it.
  • Having a safe and discreet place to put your child's Iphone so you know he won't lose it.
  • Your little girl being able to wear a dress or a nightgown with no pump worries. 
  • A day when your child can tuck their pump away and not HAVE TO answer any questions. 
  • YOU having a place for your pump other than your BRA.
  • Not having your tubing hanging out only to get caught on drawers and doors.
  • Fewer unnecessary site changes. 
  • Workouts with a secure pump. Long runs with no jostling. 

We know you are exhausted. We know you are worried all the time. We know you have to juggle so many elements of this relentless disease. 

We want to help with this part. 

We want to make it easier for everyone. 

We want to make you or your loved one with T1D feel safe and comfortable. Just like you do. 


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I know it's hard to just jump in when you know NOTHING about us. Here are some people with Type 1 who have joined our tribe. I'll let them do the talking. 



Pocket Innerwear has been such a useful product for my 6 yr old daughter who has Type One Diabetes! She wears a Pocket Innerwear tank top every day to put her CGM receiver in. The flap over the pocket allows her to play at recess without worrying it will fall out! The shorts are also amazing for when she wears night gowns or dresses! I seriously don't know what we would do without these products! Thank you Pocket Innerwear for caring so much about the Type One diabetic community!



Taylor's reaction after trying the Pocket Innerwear band for the first time: Thumbs up!!! "Mom, it feels like I don't have diabetes anymore!"......and then I cried.



I am a nurse and it was hard finding a spot to put my pump so the tubing doesn't catch on everything. This undershirt has been the perfect hiding spot! Thanks again for the great products!