Brooklyn: She Manages a Beautiful Smile and a Positive Attitude

little girl with diabetes

Brooklyn is a wonderful , almost 6 year old little girl. She was diagnosed when she was 11 months old during a family weekend trip to WA that turned into a week nightmare. We have struggled throughout the years: adjusting to having a little child going through a chronic illness.

type 1 diabtes

As she adjusts to having sites inserted and poking her finger multiple times a day she still manages a beautiful smile and a positive attitude! We have helped teach her to recognize her low blood sugars and tells us when she feels "shaky". 95% of the time she is right! She has also mastered checking her own blood sugars! Brooklyn had such a kind, sweet, and loving spirit and loves to draw and create anything she can get her hands on! I am so proud of my sweet little Brooklyn!

type 1 in children