Summer Adventure #2: Water Park and Cousin Time

In honor of my little sister's birthday, we headed south for our #PISUMMERADVENTURE this week. We hit up a water park on Friday, spent the night in a hotel and met up with cousins on Saturday to swim and have lunch. It all sounds PERFECT, right?


It was SUPER crowded and we had a hard time finding a rhythm in the park. We were kinda disjointed-- little ones in the wave pool. Middle kid lost. Older kids on the slides. Where is everyone?? Back to the kiddie pool. Stand in line for 7 hours for french fries on the hot concrete. You know? I usually LOVE places like this and live for these kind of summer days, but this day didn't jive like it usually does. Don't get me wrong-- we still had a good time and tired out the kids. And the weather was awesome. My little twinners, Colter and Caroline even napped in the shade for a while. I'll go pretty much anywhere if that's going to happen. 


We left the park in time to hit Finding Dory on it's opening day and that was well worth the hustle. It's more sentimental than anything for me. I've been watching Marlin find Nemo for about 11 1/2 years.  The first winter I had Conner and Easton (also twins, if you didn't know) we were house bound. They were preemies and we only went out to see the doctor. It was a long year. We've been watching those dang fish cross the ocean since then (with a little Friends mixed in on especially good days). And Pixar delivered an adorable baby Dory and a bunch of fun new characters. 


Then it's late. And you gotta feed the people. And the service is slow and the kids are fading and the hotel only has ONE bed (have you added up my people yet?!?!). One bed for our exhausted crew was challenging. I had 4 kids on the sofa sleeper, till one bailed and decided the floor was better and one kid shoved on couch cushions under a desk like Harry Potter on Privet Drive. Finally everyone was settled at midnight. 


We did hotel breakfast, which is always fun for the kids. Then we did it again for the preteens who sleep late. Then we got in the car and headed off to see the cousins. We spent the day at the pool in my in-laws condo complex. It was simple and totally delightful. The kids played and played and we ate a great lunch of fresh sandwiches and watermelon. And everyone was so happy.


We had to leave. The kids really love spending time with their cousins and they were not happy when I told them it was time to load up. Not. Happy. But, all good things must come to an end, as they say. And we journeyed home. We survived a total meltdown on Colter's part near the end of the drive and made it home safely. Was it worth it? Totally. 

Next week, the mountains are calling us back and we are paddling String Lake again. I want to throw a hike in and possibly hit Leigh Lake to see it's hidden campgrounds. 

What you need to know: My soul wanders. I want to see this whole globe and marvel at the diversity and scale of it all. But I'm also very focused. I want to see this business through. I want to reach as many people with Pocket Innerwear as I possibly can and I'm determined to make a huge difference. I rarely go more than a minute without my mind returning to the task of reaching the diabetic community and improving the lives of those touched by this monster of a disease.