Camp Report from Sydney

"I passed the archery safety test and can hit the target! My instructor says I'm deadly!"

"I had a diet 7 up chugging contest and won or lost. . . not sure because I threw up all over the campfire."

"I have a counselor named Megan. She is a nice person. She keeps the other counselor, "Russia" in line. We call her Russia because she is always hollering Russian words at people! I'm not sure what her real name is. . . "

" Journey (a cabinmate) and I are having fun. She still likes me, even after I puked."

"Our cabin is called the 'Dancing Queens' and we practice lip-syncing to the song. I'm glad you taught it to me already mom!"

"Grey Squirrel" and "Rig-a-bam-boo" are my favorite camp songs"


To read Syd's mother's version of the camp experience, Click here: