Summer Adventure #3: The Tetons Called

And I answered. I just can't seem to resist this lovely place. Ironically though, once we get there, the phone is put away and I don't get very many pictures! I did snap a couple while we ate lunch before we launched the kayaks. See the beautiful boats in the background? I love them. Oh, and my cute kids. 


Getting all of these kids ready for a day trip is no joke. We start by mapping out our week on Sunday evenings. We fill out a calendar for the week--who has a birthday party? Dentist appointments? Is company coming? And we talk about the adventure or day trip we are taking that week and write it all down for everyone to see all week. I've been trying to give the older kids more responsibility each summer and they have a daily checklist with chores and expectations. All of this is on a magnet board in the kitchen and some days I add to it if I need to. This worked out pretty well:


We read the weather reports, but decided to brave it and go to String Lake anyway. It was kind of a mistake. Most of our kayaks are "sit on top" and you are wet most of the time-- which is fine when it's hot and still. But when it's windy, it's not so great. Gusts were around 20 miles per hour and everyone was pretty chilly. We did find a fun beach, but they had a hard time getting over being cold. So my mom (SUPERGRANDMA) and I took the cold kids to the car and let the others hang back and come when they were ready. It wasn't long till everyone was in the car. Oh well, we breathed the fresh air, we paddled, we spent time together and we headed home. 


Next week, I'm going on an adult-only adventure to Las Vegas with Chad, the illusive husband. We have a great hotel booked and we are seeing Garth Brooks in Concert. Can't wait! 

What you need to know: My soul wanders. I want to see this whole globe and marvel at the diversity and scale of it all. But I'm also very focused. I want to see this business through. I want to reach as many people with Pocket Innerwear as I possibly can and I'm determined to make a huge difference. I rarely go more than a minute without my mind returning to the task of reaching the diabetic community and improving the lives of those touched by this monster of a disease.