Summer Adventure #5: Bear Lake


This week's adventure was quite possibly the peak. We booked a cabin and 29 Larsens converged at Bear Lake, Utah for food and fun. 29. It is amazing that I can report that we had a great time. It has been several years since we have been able to get my husband's whole family together and we spent 4 days playing and reconnecting. 

If you don't know Bear Lake, it is called the Caribbean of the west. This is why: 


It really is unbelievable to be at the Idaho/Utah border and see such crystal blue water lapping onto a sandy shore. It was so refreshing and magical. It was especially breathtaking when we took a jet ski out into the deep water-- the blue was unreal. 

The view from our cabin was intoxicating and I could have spent several quiet hours just sitting and enjoying it, but with 5 kids of my own and 24 others, that wasn't entirely realistic. I did get some reading and dozing in though and it was enough. 


The kids had a blast playing with cousins, swimming in the pool and at the lake. We brought the kayaks and shared with family and it worked out to be a perfect way to see the lake and get off the shore. We did go carts. We had an parent-only lunch. We golfed. We basically lived the dream. And I'm so grateful. For it all. 


I have a love/hate relationship with the end of a trip or an adventure. I don't want to see it end, but I am anxious to get back to work refreshed. I hate the laundry and unloading, but I love the exhausted sleeping children who have been given another taste of what this world has to offer us. 


Next week's adventure will be fun, but way more low kay. We will be geo-caching for a couple hours here in Idaho Falls. Should be a fun adventure for the kids and not much prep for Mom!

What you need to know: My soul wanders. I want to see this whole globe and marvel at the diversity and scale of it all. But I'm also very focused. I want to see this business through. I want to reach as many people with Pocket Innerwear as I possibly can and I'm determined to make a huge difference. I rarely go more than a minute without my mind returning to the task of reaching the diabetic community and improving the lives of those touched by this monster of a disease.