Diabetes and Fashion

Would you ever think there is a relationship?

I am into fashion trends and dressing nicely, but I actually can’t buy an article of clothing without thinking about where my pump is going to go.  From pajama pants (need deep pockets) to exercise pants (waistband pocket) to cocktail dresses (usually need a garter with a pocket) to bathing suits (haven’t really figured that one out yet) and everything in between, I am always thinking about where I’m going to put my pump that is discreet.


Now that I am experimenting with a CGM, I have that to consider too.  When I am selecting a sight for the sensor I have to think about what I have going on for the upcoming 6 days, i.e. will I want to wear my high-waisted jeans or low-rise ones?  Will that cute dress show a bulge where the CGM is placed?  Or, if I haven’t thought too much ahead, I may put on a pair of pants and then have to change them simply because the waistband is pressing on the CGM.

And handbags can be a challenge for a woman with T1D, too.  I wish that I could carry a small, flat clutch when I go out at night, or a small everyday crossbody.  But there’s no such thing as small when, in addition to the regular things a woman needs in her purse, you have to carry a blood glucose meter, a couple of tubes of glucose tablets, a bottle of insulin and a syringe in case of pump failure.  And, as a music lover, when I go to a concert or a daylong music festival, I am burdened by a large cumbersome bag of “just-in-case” items and extra supplies.


Honestly, I was managing okay on several injections each day, so when my endocrinologist urged me to just try the pump after resisting for many years, I reluctantly agreed.  I panicked about what I was going to do in the summer at the beach.  Dr. Cobin knows me so well, she calmed me and said I could wear the pump for 9 months and go back to injections, pump-free, during bathing suit season.  Well, you never go back to injections!  So there I was, figuring out where to put my pump. After all these years of living with diabetes, I still haven’t figured out the perfect solutions so if anyone has any suggestions I’m happy to hear!


P.S.  Thanks to my sympathetic sister-in-law (mother of my two nephews with T1D) for introducing me to pocketinnerwear.com.  I am a big fan of the tanks and bands which make accessing my pump under clothing that much easier!


Abby Oringer, Guest Blogger for Pocket Innerwear.