Allison: I am Grateful for Every Moment that I'm Given


Hi my name is Allison and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago at 37. I truly think I went through all the stages of grief; first I was in denial, and thought they would realize they were wrong or that I would wake up from this nightmare. Then I was angry and couldn't understand how or why this could happen to me. Slowly, I reached acceptance and found a wonderful support system (and amazing true friends) through the DOC (diabetic online community).


Since diagnosis, I've come really far; I've dropped 20 pounds, am more health conscious then I've ever been, and thanks to other inspiring and encouraging diabuddies, I now do Crossfit and am in better physical shape than ever before. Type 1 taught me that nothing in life is guaranteed and the world owes me nothing. Type 1 has taught me in order to not feel sorry for myself, I need to do good, for myself and for others. who are recently diagnosed and stand where I once was. It's taught me that I'm stronger than I ever knew and that I must have grace with myself and remember even after a bad day, a good day will be coming soon. But more than anything, it's taught me that life is HARD but this is my burden to bear and I need to rise to the challenge and do my best each and every day in order to save my own life. Quite the undertaking! Taking a medicine that can save your life and kill you at the very same time is a very humbling thought and I am grateful for every moment that I'm given.

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