Cora: It Has Never Held Me Back

For me, life with Type 1 has been as normal as they come. I was diagnosed in 1980 when I was 4 years old and living in a very small, rural town. This was before home blood glucose monitors so my sugars were tested twice a day using a urine sample. We had to drive three hours to get to the nearest hospital with an endocrinologist, and even then no one really knew what was in store. Through the years, my diabetes was just a part of me; as it is now. I have been lucky enough to travel a ton, work in exotic locations, get married, have two beautiful children and not once has diabetes ever been something I would even consider a hindrance. Granted, I work very hard to be a healthy diabetic in order to stay healthy and to now be a good role model for my son who was diagnosed at age 22 months just this past year.

mother and son with type 1 diabetes

I am an optimist by nature and really look upon diabetes as just something I have. It has never held me back nor will I allow it to if I can. As a parent I worry about my son, but I do not worry about how he will live with this disease, as it is just that, a disease we can live with. And live a very normal and fabulous life. If we face challenges, we will tackle them as a family and come out the other side better for it. I actually find it somewhat strange to write about living with T1, as even though I carb count everything I consume, bolus many times a day, change sites, deal with pump issues, poke my fingers multiple times a day, deal with lows, fight the highs, attend multiple doctor appointments and do this all twice over as I care for my son, I still do not look upon diabetes as a terrible thing to have. It’s just my life. And from my view it is a great one.