Everyone: Dive in.

I saw a friend on Facebook change their profile pic to a Blue November image that says, "I love someone with Diabetes" and it struck me that really, we should each strive for every month to be Diabetes Awareness Month. I know parents do. I know we constantly post shareable, educational stuff, hoping the word will get around and that it will catch someone else and bring them into the effort. 


But, what do people outside of Type 1 Diabetes, really stop and read? What really makes them pay attention? And I'm honestly asking this. I know what stops me in my tracks. But I haven't been able to tap into humanity enough to know what all humans respond to. Don't we all care about the vitality and quality of life of our little ones? Don't we all want the best for our children? Don't we all want to make progress and contribute? Don't we all want to SAVE lives?

Sometimes when the answer is no-- it's hard to take. 


I can't even finish an article on this child. I can't even deal with the reality. 

I'm still shocked by my own journey into the world of Type 1 diabetes-- I developed a cool pocket and fell in love with a bunch of people who struggle everyday to find balance, to thrive with a disease that has no cure. My heart is in it now. I want to learn from you. I want to understand your life, your care and your triumphs. 

A big question I think the Diabetic community is asking or should be asking more regularly, is, how can we make people whose families are not directly touched by Type 1, CARE? But are we asking it enough? Are we seeking ways to engage people who have no experience, no education and no notion of what diabetes really is?

I see so many shining, smiling faces of those with Type 1 Diabetes. I know they have really hard days and I know they feel frustrated and isolated and hopeless at times. I know they are tired. But they are also smart (the math a small T1D can do!). They are brave! They are resilient and humble. I want more people to SEE them.  I want more people to hear their stories and dive in. Let's make every month about awareness until we find a cure.