Edward: I Could Never be Broken by this Disease

edward with type 1 diabetes

My name is Edward Fieder. Some of my interests include diabetes, photography, and most importantly…humor! I am currently 28 years old and live in Alabama. I have had type 1 diabetes for 17 years and it has been one roller coaster of a ride! I’ve had lows where I’v eaten mountains of my room mates Reese’s Puffs and I’ve had highs where all I do is plug in the headphones with a bottle of water and hang with the toilet until my blood sugar comes back down. Throughout all the good and bad times one thing remained constant: I could never be broken by this disease. Regardless of all the garbage I’ve had to deal with I’ve never really let it keep me down. And I don’t want other people that live with diabetes to ever feel down either. YOU AREN’T ALONE!!! There are plenty of people that share the same struggles and go through the same battles that you do everyday! I created a project called “The Faces of Diabetes” where we share other diabetics stories in hopes that you will be inspired and learn about how diabetes has affected others lives. We also are making a photo book and a series of videos to show that diabetes is nothing to be afraid and help to remove the negative stigma that is associated with this disease. Diabetes may seem rough when you don’t know anyone else that lives with it, but rest assured there are plenty of us out there…and we are going to show you!

Check out Ed at: https://www.facebook.com/thefacesofdiabetes/?fref=ts