Taylor: big brown eyes that can show you the world

What has diabetes taught me?? Everything! 

It was absolutely the worst day of my life. She almost died. I held her in my arms and felt her little body slipping away. I cried more tears than I ever knew possible. 
It taught me about death. It taught me about sadness, helplessness, hope and faith and it taught me about LIFE!! I walked out of the hospital a week later with my baby. She was alive and healthy. 

diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

You see a lot when moping around a children's hospital for a week. I saw countless children who weren't going to get to go home. I saw their hair beginning to thin or completely gone, I watched families pray in the hospital chapel. I saw a mom sobbing over her child who had drown in a ditch a month earlier and still on a ventilator but they held out hope, I peeked through a window and watched a little boy who was maybe 4 learn to walk with prosthetic legs. And I got to take my baby home. She was just a little sweeter than before. Diabetes is our hell, but I've seen that sometimes other people's hells are worse than mine. 

I've watched my child grow into this beautiful little girl who is full of life and spunk. She loves to dance and can feel the music deep in her soul. She's got these long gorgeous locks and olive skin, and big brown eyes that can show you the world. She is nothing short of amazing!!! How I got lucky enough to be her mama I will never know, but I am beyond grateful for that girl. She's taught me everything I've ever needed to know about life.

girls with type 1 diabetes

Maybe diabetes didn't teach me anything? Maybe life taught me. Life teaches us things we never want to know and it teaches us things we never knew we loved. You see I never planned on being a super awesome T1D mom, but you know that saying about "if the boot fits"....well I laced that sucker up and wore it!


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