Edward: The Faces Of Diabetes

My name is Edward and I am the founder of The Faces of Diabetes. For the past few years I've been working on a photo book to show the world that diabetes is not a death sentence. It if filled with portraits of people who are thriving with type 1 diabetes. My hopes are to raise money to help get these books into hospitals for newly diagnosed kids and their parents to take home and help ease the anxiety that comes with being diagnosed. I feel book can also help those dealing with diabetes burnout to show that they are not alone.  Along with the book we also post submitted stories at thefacesofdiabetes.org and we would love to showcase some of you readers! Just head over to the site and click the "Submit your story" button. 

men with type 1 diabetes

Type one diabetes has taught me a lot of things throughout my life. It's taught me to be responsible with my body and diet which lead me to get into weightlifting and MMA. It has led me to some of my best friends through camps and public events associated with diabetes. Of course the biggest thing I've learned about diabetes itself is it's something that I shouldn't be afraid of. It's just another obstacle that I do my best to conquer daily. My advice to anyone who is newly diagnosed or hates their diabetes is to branch out and try to get involved in a network with other people who live with diabetes. Talking and hanging out with other diabetics is therapeutic and I couldn't encourage it more!

If you would like to share your story, please email us at pocketinnerwear@gmail.com

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