Gavin: Our Baby is Back

mom and son with diabetes

This is Gavin. He is 4 years old and he was diagnosed December 10, 2014, the day that changed our lives forever. It all began November 16, 2014 when we took a trip to SeaWorld and we had to make 4 stops for a bathroom and normally there were no stops. It went from frequent urination to constant thirst and I didn't know what was going on. I noticed he would wake up at all hours of the night and drinking 2-3 glasses of water each time. Then on his 4th birthday December 3, I noticed his clothes just didn't fit right. I really looked at him. I really looked at him that day and I knew then that something wasn't right. I gave it a few days with so much running through my head and thinking about all these symptoms he had been having:  the random throwing up, the frequent urination, the constant thirst, the losing weight and I also noticed he had been very angry and not his happy joyful self that I knew him to be.

small boy with diabetes

Then December 9th was the day I said something is wrong. There had to be. So I turned to google typed in his symptoms all I saw was diabetes. I instantly took him to urgent care. I didn't know anything about diabetes: didn't know it was as serious as it was. They checked his urine and the doctor came in and said, "I'm sorry, but he has very high ketones which means he possibly has diabetes and will be insulin dependant." He told me I needed to go to his primary pediatric doctor first thing in the morning. So December 10, 2014 I took him to his pediatric doctor and gave her the doctor note from urgent care. He slept the whole time. The doctor came in checked his blood sugar and he was 478 and she said "Yes, you need to get him to Loma Linda asap. I'm going to call and let them know you're on your way." I got to the hospital within an hour and my whole way there I kept looking in my rearview mirror, scared I was losing my baby. He just slept: looked so lifeless. As I arrived at the hospital, his dad, his aunts and his grandma were there waiting. We took him in and they took him back and put 2 IVs in his arm and hand. Checked blood sugar again. There he was 572 with an a1c of 12.7. They got him his own room on the PICU floor and I have never been so scared in my life. I watched him just lay there not knowing what was going on. The doctor comes in the next morning and pulls me and his dad aside and tells us Gavin has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and it will be a lifelong diagnosis. He will be insulin dependant for the rest of his life. I couldn't help but look over and look at him and cry. No matter how hard I tried to hold it in, I couldn't. I walked away and held him so tight and told him I will be at his side through this whole journey. He smiled at me and I couldn't hold back the tears. The next day he was sent out of ICU and down a floor and I knew he was feeling better. He was so full of life. He was so happy, even playing around and being his normal goofy self. I looked over at his dad and said, "Our baby is back." 

type 1 diabetes diagnosis

I couldn't help but think back and try to remember the last time he was ever that happy and I couldn't even remember when it was. This disease was taking a toll on my baby for so long and I didn't even know it. Before all the education I blamed myself I thought this whole thing was my fault. If I hadn't given him that juice or that cupcake on his birthday he wouldn't have diabetes. But the doctors kept telling me there was nothing I could do to prevent it. We were there for a week while we went through the training, met with the dietitian and the social workers and the diabetes educators and we were finally discharged. We surprised daddy at home since he couldn't visit us because we had no sitter for the other 3 kids at home because my mom and sister had taken too much time off for daddy to be with us. The smiles on everyone's face were priceless. We were finally home with so much information to keep in our heads but we are now almost a year in and doing good.

little boy with type 1