Levi: Learning Gratitude

For those of you who don't know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month and it is also the 1 year anniversary of my blog- no pressure lol.   I was asked to write about something that Diabetes has taught me and honestly I have learned so much I don't know where to start: the mechanics of all the equipment? The science behind Diabetes? The constant battle with high and low blood sugar, not to mention the myriad of emotions parents, family members and of course your Diabetic loved one go through. But, what I keep coming back to is Gratitude.  A little cliche as we enter Thanksgiving and Christmas, but be that as it may, that is above all things, what I have learned.   It's not that I was never grateful before, it was just that I took things a little more for granted then I do now.  

Take medical progress for example.  I always tell people how fortunate we are that Levi has diabetes at this point in medical history.  We have an insulin pump so we don’t need to poke Levi with a needle every hour or so, we have a CGM (constant glucose monitor) that alarms whenever he goes low or high. The tools at our disposal are mind-boggling and they are still making breakthroughs.  Without going into much detail (perhaps another time) the FDA is currently testing a bionic pancreas! It works just like a pancreas automatically releasing insulin as the blood sugar levels change, no carb counting necessary. 

Good health- another thing I always took for granted.  I never thought about how fortunate we were not to have any serious illness' among our family and friends.  I was sympathetic to people who seemed to be sick all the time, even more so when a life threatening disease was involved, but that happened to them not us.   Now if Levi has a healthy month, no bugs, viruses or infections I am ecstatic,  I even brag to the endocrinologist about it-it’s a big deal!  

My friends and family-where to start?  They are always ready to help when necessary.  Levi’s Grandparents will drop whatever they are doing when I need a hand, especially in situations where we have to go to the hospital or doctor’s office unexpectedly.  Friends and family offer to go the grocery store or pick up medicine when they know Levi is sick. Our neighbors, some of the kindest people I know, will happily take the kids for an hour or two even if it's just to let me take a nap.

But what I am most grateful for is my husband.  This last month has been an unhealthy one to say the least.  After bringing Levi back to the doctor for the second time in less than two weeks, we discovered that he had a sinus infection, ear infection and bronchitis.  Of course with that his BG has been all over the map.  To top it off, I came down with the same virus and was in no condition to care for Levi.  Greg took over.  Greg stayed up all night with Levi, even sleeping on the floor at one point because Levi needed to be propped up by all the pillows so he could breathe better.  Greg got maybe 2 hours of sleep but despite that stayed up the next day to help me with the older kids.  He is always stepping up and I could not do it without him. 

For me, hands down, I have learned gratitude and gained faith in people- faith I didn’t even know was lacking.  There is no way I can ever thank all the people who have made our lives brighter and more hopeful, but--- I will try.