Louisiana: We Are WITH You.

These are desperate times in Louisiana. Let’s do a little to help A LOT. We know they need so many things, but UNDERWEAR is on the top of the list. With your help we can send them the best underwear they will ever own. In the worst circumstances.

Can you imagine fresh, clean, DRY underwear when everything in your life is lost? With your help, we can provide that kind of relief. 

Option one:

For every Pocket Innerwear piece you buy, we will send a base piece (No pocket, just undies) to the people of Louisiana.

Option two:

Donate $20 and we will ship 5 pairs in your name. Easy like Sunday morning. 

We have 200 pieces ready to go— Let's crank it up to thousands! 

With your help we can change lives. Let’s do this. Let’s make a difference.

#wearewithlouisiana #pocketswithpurpose

Questions? Email us at pocketinnerwear@gmail.com.