Luca: A Gifted, Courageous, Outgoing Kid

canadian teen with type 1

And here is Luca, a fourteen year old T1D pumper from Toronto Ontario.  Luca was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 2.  He has really grown up only knowing diabetes as part of his world.  But this has never kept him down or dampened his spirits.  Luca is a gifted, courageous, outgoing kid – quick to seek challenges and confident in his ability to overcome obstacles.  His greatest strength perhaps is his positive outlook on life, knowing that you get the chance to pick your mood each day.  As a result he starts each one with a zeal to live and find the good in things.  Luca has always placed an importance on sport and competition.  He has played competitive soccer for the East York Rangers for years as well as playing Baseball, Guitar, on every school sports team there is.  Luca graduated this June from grade 8 and was bestowed with the athlete of the year for his grade.  Now in high school he is thriving academically as well as being a member of Neil McNeil’s football team and soccer team – both of which competed in the city finals this fall.

athlete with type 1 diabetes

Luca has been coping with the management of diabetes for 12 years – but that seemingly has never been a hurdle or a crutch.  While he sets his goals high – he sets his goals in tandem with ensuring that he is always keeping tabs on how his body is working to ensure diabetes does not hinder his performance – athletically, socially and academically.  He is a special young man and part of the group we are calling out as awesome.  Once he started wearing his pump pocket – he has been able to excel even further in sport – not having to worry about his device being exposed to tangles and pulling.  We are glad to have him as a customer, an advocate and a young leader – showing others that diabetes is something he copes with but not something that defines him.

Keep up the spirit, Luca – it is contagious.

teen with type 1