Out of the Corner of my Eye

This post isn't about me, or my T1D daughter or even really about diabetes at all. It's about allllll the great people who surround us and make our life a little easier.

Sometimes the world spins a little too fast to notice all the amazingness around us. Now I'm not talking about the big things that you can't miss, like an eclipse of the sun. I'm talking about the little things that make life beautiful like the shooting star you just happen to catch out the corner of your eye on a late night taking the trash out.

Sometimes the beautiful things aren't things we see with our eyes, but things we feel with our hearts.

dancer with diabetes

It's that one teacher that finally makes you feel at ease with your child being at school because you know she is being watched over, the dance instructors that take the extra time to know this disease so your child can feel normal and not have to have mom at dance the whole time watching, the mailman who takes special care of all your packages because he knows it might contain life saving supplies, the mom who can understand all your fears because she's lost a child to this ugly disease, the best friend who no matter what happens always will listen to your craziness, your spouse who has held your hand and cried with you as you go through the scary moments, family who has changed their lifestyle to accommodate your child, your 5 year old who can spot a low on her older sister and knows to run for fruit snacks.

I'm talking about all of you!!


Whether you are my daughters primary care doctor who squeezes her in on his busiest days or one of the fantastic women who have helped create an insulin pump shirt that supports our crazy lifestyle. I am grateful!! So grateful!! On the days that I feel like I could pullout my hair and cry a thousand tears I know I have someone in my corner. Someone who's pulling a little slack for me to get through my day. You probably don't even realize who you are because you might just be doing "your job", but you did more. You've made me and an extra sweet little girl have a little peace of mind and little bit of normalcy in our life. You are amazing and you are the people making life beautiful out of the corner of my eye.


Guest blogger Asia Higginson is a super Dmom who teaches us everyday what it means to fight a good fight.