Ryan: Never Let it Stop You

Our son Ryan is 16 years old and was diagnosed with T1D when he was 11.  At the time, and even now, there are so many emotions! Sadness, anger, feeling overwhelmed, scared - and there were many tears - and the ultimate question "why my child?”.

diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

T1D changed all of our lives.

His younger brother, Dylan, has grown up knowing all about T1D and how to help Ryan when he has low blood sugar - he’s even had to call an ambulance for him - he doesn’t question it either - it’s his big brother & he’d do anything to help him.

T1D is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everything we do as a family T1D has to be considered - it’s exhausting at times, but we never let it stop him and we’ve removed all the barriers to make that happen.

He’s in the swim squad at school with early training sessions daily, trains & teaches karate, works part-time in a local cafe, DJ’s for kids discos/parties regularly, keeps up with his school work and actively volunteers within the T1D community with younger kids. We have adopted a rhythm in our family and some days it’s all done on very little sleep. 

active with diabetes

Until there’s a cure, Its just a barrier to be knocked down, we have to let him live his life to the fullest and as his parents, try & take away some of the day to day burden of T1D management.  There have been times through this journey that we’ve nearly lost Ryan due to severe hypos - the fear for us is indescribable, one that never leaves the back of our minds, but if you dwell on it, you’d never achieve anything because its always there.  

exercise and type 1 diabetes

Our T1D care team of Doctors, Educators, family and close friends - have given us the confidence to take control and not let the disease control us.

excelling with diabetes

Through it all, Ryan shows us daily that with strength, determination, a belief in yourself and trusting the advice of those with your best interests at heart, you can do anything.  We know that there’s nothing, not even T1D, that will stop him from reaching his dreams and we are so proud of Ryan and to watch him grow into this wonderful, caring young man - takes our breath away.

living with type 1 diabetes

Hi my name is Ryan and I’ve had T1D for nearly 5 years. I’m now 16 and being a type one has taught me many things.  It has taught me that while having this can be exhausting and stressful, it’s important to never ever let it stop you from doing anything. 

family life with diabetes

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