Chase it Everyday

A lot of times, when things start to feel tricky or exhausting, I feel rejuvenated by your posts, your stories of trials by diabetes or small triumphs over obstacles. And sometimes, I look past diabetes all together and ask myself how the great inventors, visionaries and leaders all around the world make change happen. I want to know how they think about changing the world. 


And so I keep on. I keep pushing until I feel the next sensation of success. Success comes in small increments of frustration, doubt, and fear combined with shining snapshots of hope, brilliant ideas, and hard work. It comes little by little, day by long day. People don't want to tell that story-- they don't want the long, tired version. They want the great idea and the overnight success. They want the easy road and the accidental millionaire. But that story isn't true. Ask Walt Disney. Ask him how many people laughed at his dreams. Ask JK Rowling if she wrote Harry Potter overnight. Ask Ronald Reagan how it felt to be SHOT by the public he served. Success comes slow and sweaty. But it does come. To those who get up and chase it every day.