Levi Loves Sugar

As some of you know, I have been writing about my experiences with Levi; having never been a blogger, my posts were rather long and oh so serious (sigh).  So for this blog I thought I would keep it lighter, sweeter and a little more fun. ;)

I always chuckle when people tell me about their "sweet tooth." I used to think it was just an excuse for them to eat more candy and not feel guilty about it, but after having Levi, I swear some people are just born with it. Levi has a sweet tooth, and oh my is it a big one, like monumentally huge.  Normally that's not too troublesome, but with Levi, having a sweet tooth is big trouble.  As the mother of a diabetic child you are probably scratching your head and wondering why I would even have candy, or real sugar of any kind in the house.  Well, originally after dx (diagnosis) I removed all of it from the house, every last bit, from candy hearts to fruit juice, gone, all of it.  But, wouldn't you know,  in less than a month,  I was frantically looking for anything with sugar in it. Levi's BG (blood glucose) was dropping and he was sound asleep.  It was 1 am, and we were out of milk, creamer, hot chocolate, you name it; if it had sugar in it, it was gone, so I had nothing to put in a bottle or under his tongue.  Fortunately in a brief moment of clarity, I remembered that just that day my mom had brought some grape juice to put in the older kids' lunchboxes.  I rushed to the pantry, dug out the juice, poured it in his bottle, and watched as his BG slowly crept back into range.  The next morning I went to the store and bought marshmallows, chocolate chips, lollipops, and a bag of sugar.  I put it on the top shelf of the pantry and promptly forgot about it.

Not too long afterwards, as Greg and I were going over Levi's most recent BG trends, we noticed an early morning spike. It occurred every morning between 6 and 6:30am, before breakfast--odd.  We checked his basal rate (the amount of insulin he gets every hour) and increased it. We checked to see if his site (where we attach his insulin pump) was going bad, but everything seemed in order.  For a week, we just scratched our heads trying to figure it out.  Then one morning, as I was getting out of the shower, I heard a crash.  I ran to the pantry to see what it was, and there, standing on the top shelf 6 feet off the floor, was Levi.  He looked like a little squirrel clinging there, his cheeks quite full of chocolate chips with a handful of marshmallows clutched in his fist. He smiled at me, blue eyes just twinkling, swallowed his mouthful, said "hi Mommy," stuffed the rest of the marshmallows in and started climbing down.   The little stinker must have seen where I put the sweets, and being the smart little cookie that he is, figured out that when Mommy was in the shower, she wasn't watching him.   As for myself, I couldn't believe he was strong enough to pull himself up on the shelves!  I got him down, chastised him and gave him some insulin.  What do you know--no "early morning spike". As soon as he wasn't looking, I hid the sweets in what I thought was a better spot. 

A few days later though, as he was coming around the corner in the kitchen I saw him shove something behind his back and run as fast as he could into my room.  Wondering what he could possibly have gotten now, I went in there just in time to see him dive under the covers.  I pulled them back and there he was, frantically unwrapping a sucker and shoving it in his mouth!   Of course, at this point I was trying very hard not to laugh, so I took the lollipop and tossed the covers back over him so he couldn't see my grin.  Needless to say I now keep all the sweets under lock and key in the bathroom, and hidden behind the towels just in case he figures out about  the key!  


I would like to tell you that we haven't had anymore "accidental" candy overdoses, but that would be a lie.  That boy can sniff out candy no matter where it is. My older children have numerous stashes, but Levi always finds them, whether the stashes are in dresser drawers, under beds, in shoe boxes;  if there's candy, he is going to find it.  Even if one of the kids stuffs a lollipop in my back pocket to get it away from Levi, he still manages to steal it.  Levi is probably the most talented two year old pick-pocket in the world when it comes to candy, and he gets sneakier every time.  Oh my poor little sugar baby, what am I going to do with you.