Summer Adventure #1: Paddling Grand Teton National Park


Join us on our weekly summer adventures! Grand or small, I am determined to make a once weekly attempt at summer fun away from the computer and probably still close to home. Follow us and watch for our weekly adventure. I'm taking this as an opportunity for you to get to know me. I'm Katie, the CEO and co-founder of Pocket Innerwear. But in this series, I'm just Katie-- living the dream. I'm going to haul my 5 kids all over the place this summer and find the beauty and adventure that awaits us.


This kayak trip was monumental for my family. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm talking about 12 years that I've known about this paddle trip through Grand Teton National park. During college I worked in the Jackson Hole area and I fell in love. I think a piece of my heart is held hostage there because I feel so whole going back. It is a truly amazing place to be and only about an hour and a half from my home in Idaho Falls. 


The stars aligned this year and we made the paddle trip happen. It was magical. I can hardly stop from smiling when I talk about it. We launched at String Lake, just north of Jenny Lake and paddled a couple miles north to a portage site. The kids were rock stars (Pretty much. There was some getting used to paddling on their own, but over all they did great.) String Lake is such a great place because it's shallow-- My 6'4" husband can walk across most of the lake. It's so clear-- you can see fish and the sandy bottom and rock formations the whole way through. It is pretty cold, but the sun is close and hot so the water is refreshing and clean.

When we reached the portage site, we walked a very short distance to Leigh Lake on a beautiful trail. Leigh Lake is huge and can only be accessed by paddling or hiking in. It was incredible to finally see it. And to be honest, I should have done it the very first time I heard about it. I have wished and waited too many years. It took some planning and we purchased the kayaks, but it was not difficult. I think sometimes we work things up too much in our heads. We imagine we aren't prepared. We think it's too difficult. We assume we need more time. But the time is always now. It's the only time we are guaranteed. And if you ever want to feel that-- to feel grounded and small, a day in the Tetons will do it. It's refreshing and exhilarating and puts life into perspective.


The sight was amazing and the weather was perfect. Next time, we get up there, I would like to paddle north a few more miles across Leigh and access the next lake, Bear Paw, but kids were tired and it didn't feel right this time around. And isn't that a funny balance-- live in the present and don't put off your happiness, but also listen to your gut and your mama bear intuition. The fresh mountain air helped me find that balance and I was totally satisfied gazing out at Leigh Lake rather than conquering it on day 1. And I don't have pictures of Leigh Lake because my phone was tucked away in a dry bag. My memory will keep it locked in. 

I kept reminding my kids that people travel from all over the world to see the very mountains and lakes we were paddling around. And all we had to do was get up early and pack a lunch. We are blessed.

Next week, we are headed south for a water park day-- not nearly as majestic, but should make for some tired and satisfied adventurers.

What you need to know: My soul wanders. I want to see this whole globe and marvel at the diversity and scale of it all. But I'm also very focused. I want to see this business through. I want to reach as many people with Pocket Innerwear as I possibly can and I'm determined to make a huge difference. I rarely go more than a minute without my mind returning to the task of reaching the diabetic community and improving the lives of those touched by this monster of a disease.