Swimming and Type 1 Diabetes: We've Got This

I am grateful for the patient mom who allowed me to crash her son's birthday pool party because I was so nervous about the eating, the pump, the swimming, and how it would all work. Her first party after diagnosis. Her first pool party. My daughter was only 7. Should I give her the responsibility to remember to focus on her own care?

I couldn't do it. So many details worried me. I didn't want her to worry about anything but having a good time. So, I crashed a kid's birthday pool party.

swimming with an insulin pump

I am embarrassed now. I'm sure the hosting parents thought I was nuts. They were so polite, so understanding, so NICE!!!! My daughter did really well, but had forgotten a few supplies (mom's purse to the rescue!) and got distracted a couple of times while adding up carbs for a bolus. I tried to keep it cool, chill, no big deal. The site peeled off in the pool and thankfully she grabbed it before anyone noticed. We just applied a new one in the dressing room while no one was looking. Swimming really brought the blood glucose down, so I was glad I could discreetly give her a snack. The party was a huge success, and my daughter even had a chance to do a little T1D education with the guests.

She is so amazing. Takes it all in stride. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes it's too hard and we have to take a deep breath and stop our world for a few minutes. She is so strong.

Fast forward to summer swimming lessons. So casual, so chill, she even jumps into the pool with her pump still attached. Oops! Thank goodness the Animas Ping is waterproof! Her swimming instructor freaked out a little though. She has a brother with T1D and knew that pumps really shouldn't go in the pool. It was definitely a story to save in the memories, to giggle about later.

swimming with type 1 diabetes

We've got this. 

Guest blogger Jennifer Dawson is also a piano teacher, mother of 4, volunteer elementary school music teacher, and 100 other things that make her an incredible human. 


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