Sydney: How to Embrace Diabetes

What has T1D taught me?

November is Diabetes Awareness month, with November 14th being Nation Diabetes Awareness Day. That's 1 month out of 12, 1 day out of 30. For Sydney, for every T1D,  it's every minute of every day for the rest of their life. What has that taught me as a T1D Momma Bear? 


I have watched T1D kids fight so many demons from depression to eating disorders, and I know that I am blessed. My Sydney has embraced diabetes. It has become a part of her life, and it does not hinder her. Sure, there are days when she gets upset, when something isn't fair, when diabetes creates more than just a bump in the road, but this warrior princess of mine is tough! Courageous! She takes it in stride, and keeps moving forward with a giggle and a smile. She embraces the trials she has been given. 

young girls with type 1 diabetes

I have learned so much about strength from her. Her strength give me the courage to face the battles I must fight for her. 

Insert wicked ninja warrior yell here. :)

So, embrace means to accept willingly, and to hold close in one's arms. Isn't that perfect?

I have learned to hold those I love closer. 

"We are all just a car crash, a diagnosis, an unexpected phone call, a newfound love, or a broken heart away from becoming a completely different person. How beautifully fragile are we that so many things can take but a moment to alter who we are for forever?" Samuel Decker Thompson

I am learning to accept willingly. Why? is a question asked all the time by T1D parents. Being on the front lines is hard! We must place our faith in the Lord's hands. He alone knows of the terror, the pain, the sorrow. He also knows the joys. He will sustain us, He will lift us. This has been a struggle my whole life. My sister was diagnosed at 6 months. My brother was diagnosed as a young child. My acceptance grew with me. 

I have learned what a true advocate is. The dictionary says an advocate is someone who fights for something or someone.

I am an introvert. I don't like spotlights, I don't like being around a lot of people. It makes me physically sick. Standing up to doctors, schools, pharmacies, insurance companies, and uneducated people has removed most of my comfort zone.

active life with type 1 diabetes

Label me a pain in the butt, a momma bear, whatever. I will not stop. It might not be pretty, but I'm going to do this! 

I am embracing diabetes. 

And I'm hugging my Sydney even tighter. 

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