Summer Adventure #4: Vegas, Baby!

So I left the kids out of the adventure this week and Chad and I went on our own. We bought Garth Brooks tickets in Las Vegas way back in December and the weekend finally came. The drive from Idaho Falls to Vegas is about 9 hours, but flights would have required us to leave Thursday and possibly not get back in time to celebrate the Fourth of July with the kids, so we drove. And really, it was quite relaxing and quiet. We left Friday evening and stayed in Orem, UT with family. We had a greasy diner breakfast with them before taking off again. We stopped in Cedar City to surprise friends. And we stayed to visit for a couple hours. So we just kind of strolled down the I-15 at our own pace, which was nice.


We pulled in to Las Vegas on Saturday night in plenty of time to shop and we killed it. We took home quite a haul and believe it or not, most of it was for Chad! That rarely happens. We were tired and hungry and hot by the end of that mall! Our hotel was great-- off the strip by a ways and not to Vegasy. We slept in and lazed around by the pool till it was time to get ready for GARTH. We had actually made these plans with my cousin who met us there from California. So we picked them up and headed to the strip to wander around, have dinner and get to the concert. 


We had dinner at Emeril's Fish House at the MGM Grand. It was a great meal. We had four courses and sat and enjoyed for 2 1/2 hours. I haven't had such great service in a long time and I tried some new things, so I'm totally happy we went. My cousins SWEAR by the banana cream pie-- it looked amazing and I did sneak one taste. I haven't had sugar or sweeteners in any form since December 26th, 2015, but I was pressured into one bite. It wasn't like any banana cream pie I'd ever seen-- it was piled high with real sliced bananas and had a custard filling in the center and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Wowsers. I had a great flat iron steak, but I would love to go back and try the pan seared chicken. And for some reason, the goat cheese on the salad with incredible. YUM all around. 


Then we wandered over to the arena to see Garth. The show was at 10:30 and we had to wait a while, but he is worth it! His energy is really something to see. I am totally impressed by his enduring talent. I have been a fan for 25 years and he still gets me. Can't help it. He played till well after 2 am and we were savoring every second. 


But relaxation time was over. Back to the hotel for a few hours sleep and we got back on the road early the morning of the 4th. We wanted to make it home in time to spend the evening with the kids and do some fireworks. Mission accomplished.


This holiday is a great time to reflect on our blessings. And I have so many. I am truly grateful for the freedom I have to experience a weekend like this one. To travel. To love. To enjoy my kids and pursue success and wealth. To own a home and have children. The list goes on and I know it comes with a price. God Bless America. I truly pray he will at this time. We need it. 


Next week we are having another FABULOUS adventure at Bear Lake, the Caribbean of the west, as they say. Stay tuned. 

What you need to know: My soul wanders. I want to see this whole globe and marvel at the diversity and scale of it all. But I'm also very focused. I want to see this business through. I want to reach as many people with Pocket Innerwear as I possibly can and I'm determined to make a huge difference. I rarely go more than a minute without my mind returning to the task of reaching the diabetic community and improving the lives of those touched by this monster of a disease.