Why PWD Are So Nice

I have a theory. Everyone I have met with this crazy terrible slave driver of a disease is so nice. Yes, they tend to be spunky. They tend to be a fighter. They are tough and resilient, but they are so. dang. nice. What's the deal?

I saw this posted a little while ago and figured out this is why people with Type one Diabetes are so NICE. 


They know what it's like to suffer in silence. To feel isolated and alone. They know what it's like to have an invisible disease-- one that no one understands, let alone sees. They know what it is like to be different. To sometimes be scared. To sometimes be very brave. They know what it's like to be insulted. To have to explain, stand up and occasionally walk away. 

They know that anyone they might meet at anytime deserves the benefit of the doubt. They know life isn't fair and that a little kindness goes a long way. 

They know how to treat people. 

We could all learn a little something. 

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