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Four women with their minds spinning at tops speeds created a brilliant design and brought on one man who saw the genius and Pocket Innerwear was born.  And now it is simple: We intend to change the world through pockets. 

We have been in business for over a year through a joint start-up at www.myrollingrack.com, an online women's boutique, and we have learned that anyone can sell clothes-- but we will solve problems. As we have talked to our customer base and heard their concerns, we have realized that our true calling is to solve their fashion problems. And there are many. 

Our team excels because our individual strengths are committed to common success. When we tackle a problem, it is systematic for us to immediately determine who is best suited to take on each aspect of our task. And each of us shine in a different and necessary way. Then  we work until the job is done. We have also learned that the job will never truly be done, but the desire to make a difference drives us from one project to the next. 

This Pocket Innerwear effort is our largest scale effort and we will see it through until we revolutionize the way consumers accessorize. It will give many the opportunity to follow trends with out hang up. In short, our intention is for Pocket Innerwear to become as common a word as underwear. And as essential.

Simply stated, we are motivated to make change. Create waves. Solve problems. And we know we can do it. We work hard. We sleep little. We dig in and we dig deep.