"Boy's" T1D PumpBriefs for an Insulin Pump
"Boy's" T1D PumpBriefs for an Insulin Pump

"Boy's" T1D PumpBriefs for an Insulin Pump

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K. Here's the deal-- boys need a safe secure place to put their pump and contain their insulin pump tubing. Now they can run and wrestle and do all the things boys do without worrying about losing or breaking their insulin pump. And parents can relax knowing the pump isn't going to need to be replaced every time boys act like boys. And between us, we are raising 11 boys at Pocket Innerwear. We know how it goes. This seamless fabric is a high quality seamless fabric. All of our pieces have 2 black pockets, that way if you have a CGM, great! If you just want to move that trusty insulin pump around, you've got options. It will stretch and move with your active boy. Our goal is to allow you to care for your child and less for his pump. You got this!

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Sizing Guide for Youth PumpBriefs:

Small: fits US sizes 3-5

Medium: fits US sizes 6-8

Large: fits US sizes 9-12

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